My inspiration

Even though waves of difficulty toss each of us, we still have immense value, beauty and strength.  Hope is found and reigns eternally. Like the broken shells, we are broken people. God picks us up with love that can restore and give hope and eternal life. The results may not be what we originally imagined for our life or situation.  However, it can be beautiful in transformative ways if we are willing to see His design. 


About the Artist

Celeste Burdell Porter, a professional artist in Atlanta, GA, is energized by the creative process and communication impact. Her most recent designs, the Tumbled and Tossed collection, result from her long interest in gifts from the sea. The intrinsic beauty of broken shell forms inspires unique creations that are enhanced by their warm honed finish. The found objects are used without fabrication and form one-of-a-kind designs that invite the viewer to linger and contemplate their unexpected beauty. Simple but elegant designs carry timeless appeal and a parallel message to the heart.


A Vision of Hope

Broken, unwanted,

Tumbled and tossed.

Lost and blind. Found, now see

Grace, hope and beauty.

A journey, a story,

New voice to rejoice!

A piece and part,

Now gift to the heart.

- Celeste Burdell Porter

Generally, every aspect of the found object... shell forms, sea glass, etc.... colors, size, texture, movement, impressions invite the resulting design. I personally pick up & prepare the objects
for use in the design.
— Celeste